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The Peace of Mind Program was created to provide first time home buyers a true Peace of Mind.

Here’s how it works:
When you contract with Remedy One Home Inspections to conduct your home inspection as a first time home buyer and for what ever reason you do not purchase the home, due to issues identified during the home inspections or what ever the case, Remedy One Home Inspections will provide the base home inspection of your 2nd home choice with in 31 days for free, mold, radon and termite add-on inspections are extra and billed at the discounted.
The following criteria applies to this program.

  • 2nd home choice needs to be with the same realtor company as the first.

  • Must be a first time home buyer applies to all buyers

  • The appointment for the 2nd home inspection must be made with in 31days of the original home inspection; this includes the signing of the pre-inspection agreement.

  • The actual home inspection of the 2nd home can take place after 31 days as long as the above is adhered too. (note: the address of the 2nd home can not change after the 31 days) -

  • The free home inspection does not include Mold, Termite or Radon, all add-on's are billed at the discounted add-on rates.

  • When scheduling your 1 st home inspection you must select the Peace of Mind Home Program service.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, so hesitate no longer and contact us today at 732-680-2114 or click here and drop us line with your questions.

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